Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Addy Bear!

Mother's Day is always an extra special day for me... because God blessed us with our beautiful daughter, Addison Marie, at 12:01am on... Mother's Day

This past weekend was Addy's birthday party and her one request was a "Swiper party".  Unfortunately, very few decorations come featuring Swiper (that sneaky, sneaky fox)... so we focused the party around Dora..
      .. not very original, I know.

Let me state up front.. this is not a craft.  I just wanted to share Addy's birthday party and some of the fun things we did.

Each year I make the birthday cake myself.  I really enjoy taking the time (hours and hours to be clear) to create a special cake for my babies.  Even though my days are swamped with things to do, I always make sure I set aside plenty of time to accomplish this task.  Now I'm definently not a professional, but I'm pretty happy with what I created.  Here is the final product...

Ryan took Addy out the morning of her party, allowing me plenty of time to set up and decorate.  When she came home and saw all party decorations up, the smile on her face was priceless!

We had one more surprise for her out in Mimi and Poppop's yard...

... her own powerwheels Jeep!
    (neutral colors of course, since she'll be sharing with her brother in a couple years)

Time for guests to arrive, the grilling to start and a few games to be played!
Addy was very excited to see her Nina!
The men at the grill!
Four generations.

Addison and her cousins, Ethan, Andrew and Wesley!

Pin the Tail on Swiper.

Poor... Poor Dora.
Addy was eyeing the Swiper cake topper the moment I set the cake down...
Happy Birthday Addy Bear!

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