Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Handprint Card

Father's Day is extra special this year!  Not only are we now celebrating with two children, but it is also our 6 year anniversary!  God has blessed me with a happy, healthy family, and it is Him that I thank for my husband and children... not just on Father's Day, but every day!

The truth is I am not a huge fan of buying greeting cards.  Honestly, they just feel like a big waste of money... I mean come on, five bucks just for a card!  I'd rather write a thoughtful letter.  Now, although there are times I give in and just buy the stinkin' card.... for Father's Day this year I definitely wanted to make something more personal. 

Now that we have finally settled into our new house, I am able to wrap my head around getting some crafts going.  Father's Day was a perfect reason to pull out my supplies and make something creative.  I saw a ton of these handprint cards on Pinterest last week, and here it is...

What You Need:
- construction paper
- glue stick
- scissors
- markers
- little hands :)
What To Do:
- Trace your child's hand twice, or if you have two children, you will just trace one handprint for each of them (as you see above).
- Using scissors, cut out the handprints.
- Cut an approximately 1"x 8" strip (as seen in yellow above).
- Fold the strip accordian style.
- Write you message on each hand, and the accordian strip in the middle. 
- Fold to make the card.

- When the card is opened, your sweet message is displayed!

Happy Father's Day!!

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